Friday, July 31, 2015

The Ultimate Red Sox Experience

One of the perks of Christopher's job is the opportunity to work with major computer companies. One of these companies invited us for a presentation and game at Fenway Park!

Our day at Fenway started with a presentation in one of the Press Rooms. We then got to catch fly balls while the Sox held their batting practice. We stood in the outfield and tried to catch balls or wait until one of the players was nice enough to roll one our way. It was seriously awesome.

We then had a private tour of Fenway and a buffet dinner near our seats. We ended the day watching the game and cheering for a victory.

It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so happy we got to do it!

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

Lately all Christopher and I have wanted to do is spend time at home. We love our new home and have really enjoyed BBQ-ing and exploring our backyard. During the 4th of July weekend we mostly stayed at home. We had been invited to go to a party at our friend's camp, but traffic on Route 1A (the highway that goes to Bar Harbor) was insane.

On Friday night we BBQ-ed in the backyard, roasted s'mores on our firepit and lit off some sparklers. We lied down on a picnic blanket and gazed at all the massive, ancient maple trees in our backyard. I cannot wait to see the riot of color in the autumn.

On Saturday I threw on some red, white and blue and did a little bit of yard sale-ing. There were not a ton of yard sales, but I did manage to score some pretty awesome finds, including some Christmas decorations. We have a much bigger space to decorate this year!

Christopher, Freckles and I then took a small hike through the Bangor City Forest.  It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. After our hike we hopped on over to Gifford's for our favorite ice cream.

When we got home we climbed down toward the river. One thing I love about our home is how we have a little slice of the Penobscot in our backyard. It is so peaceful.

I hope you had a safe 4th!