Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Camera

I am incredibly excited. Two days ago I purchased a lovely new camera. It is only a point-and-shoot but it is vastly superior to my previous camera. Here are a few pictures from our walk yesterday with my new baby.


Excuse the foul weather. It has been gloomy and nasty here the last two weeks and with little chance of improvement. I am thankful that my California visit is coming soon. If anything I could use a little sunshine.

I am so excited to be able to use this camera on all of our adventures. Spring break is approaching soon and that means a ton of pictures! Not to mention this will be a great addition on our next road trip and summer shenanigans.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Hike

We honestly and truly had one of the loveliest and most relaxed Valentine’s Day. We ate brunch at Denny’s, finished a puzzle, made enchiladas and mojitos together and went for a stroll in the Bangor City Forest.

 Although the forest is only a ten minute car-drive away, we had never hiked through it before. The weather was absolutely wonderful that day (or at least as nice as it can be in Maine in February). There are several trails to choose from and all are beautiful. Some paths are perfect for strolling and others that are a bit more strenuous. We did not have too much time so we chose one of the shorter trails.  I am excited to go hiking again there this week.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bar Harbor in the Winter

This past Sunday I had the brilliant idea to go to Bar Harbor for a Valentine’s date. According to my guide book, many wonderful restaurants were open year-around, despite the foul weather.
My guide book lied. It flat-out lied.

What the guide book did not tell me was that most of Bar Harbor closes down for the winter. In fact the only two places open were a bar and a bookstore which stubbornly insist upon remaining open for the locals.

Despite this disappointment, Christopher and I had a good time. It was refreshing to be able to drive out of town and smell the ocean. I have the tendency of finding bookstores wherever we go. If there is only one bookstore in an entire city, I will magically find it. It’s a gift.

We browsed through the bookstore and purchased a book we hope will be useful in planning our honeymoon. We would love to do a Martha’s Vineyard’s/Cape Cod adventure. The book we bought tells us about all the wonderful historical locations and inns.

We also ate at Geddy’s, the only place that was open. I was pleasantly surprised by the restaurant. We enjoyed searching for our home-state’s license plate. The food was good and the beer was even better. I highly recommend the Bar Harbor Ale. It was rather dark, but very smooth. There was also coloring. Who can say no to coloring? We certainly can’t 

Although my guide book is a unforgivable liar, we still had a fun time. Just be warned travelers- New Englanders do not like winter.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finding Nemo

Well we may not have found Nemo, but Nemo certainly found us this weekend. This was our first blizzard, and the worst blizzard many Mainers claimed they had seen in decades. Bangor received about two feet of snow, and other areas received up to four feet. Every business closed down and the roads were impossible to drive. We only lost power for about an hour (most of Rhode Island lost power for three days) but were otherwise very cozy the rest of the day. We lit candles, ate warm food, completed our homework and watched the storm. I will admit it was kind of nice just having a day to relax. It was a day where we literally had no other obligation other than to stay safe and warm.

Here are some pictures of the amount of snow we had after the storm. Christopher had a little fun...

I hope all those who were in the center of the storm have sufficiently recovered! And to those in warmer climates…wear a pair of sandals for me, ok? I miss sandals. I seriously only had one pair of closed-toe shoes when I moved here. Now I have at least five. 

Until next time.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February!

Hello February! I am rather excited that the month of January is over. January this year felt particularly long and drawn-out. I am excited for Valentine’s Day and hopefully to go on another adventure. I would love to visit Castine (Valentine’s date perhaps?) I will also be visiting my family again mid-March! Plus it means the coldest month of the year is out of the way!

The last few weeks of January were filled with work and school. I have been eyes deep in reading and Christopher has been working quite often. For those of you who do not know, this was my first month working at Staples. I started out as a cashier and have now moved on over to Copy and Print Center.

Christopher and I experimented with some new recipes such as Beef and Barley Stew, Mongolian Beef, and Homemade Gyros. I think I have finally perfected the Mongolian beef recipe so I shall post that one soon. I am still tinkering with the Beef and Barley Stew and Homemade Gyros. Christopher also made this fantastic French Toast from leftover Italian bread. Seriously, it was so good. 

Monday was a particularly rough day for me. I was not feeling well and had a rough shift at work. This fabulously ridiculous card arrived in the mail and made me crack up. I love my best friend. 

Then on Wednesday Christopher brought me these lovely flowers! I am quite spoiled.

Now for some big news! Christopher and I are officially getting married this summer! We are still fixing a date but it will either be August 10th or 17th. Mark it in your calendars! We are incredibly excited to begin this next leg in our journey and cannot wait to get planning.