Friday, February 15, 2013

Bar Harbor in the Winter

This past Sunday I had the brilliant idea to go to Bar Harbor for a Valentine’s date. According to my guide book, many wonderful restaurants were open year-around, despite the foul weather.
My guide book lied. It flat-out lied.

What the guide book did not tell me was that most of Bar Harbor closes down for the winter. In fact the only two places open were a bar and a bookstore which stubbornly insist upon remaining open for the locals.

Despite this disappointment, Christopher and I had a good time. It was refreshing to be able to drive out of town and smell the ocean. I have the tendency of finding bookstores wherever we go. If there is only one bookstore in an entire city, I will magically find it. It’s a gift.

We browsed through the bookstore and purchased a book we hope will be useful in planning our honeymoon. We would love to do a Martha’s Vineyard’s/Cape Cod adventure. The book we bought tells us about all the wonderful historical locations and inns.

We also ate at Geddy’s, the only place that was open. I was pleasantly surprised by the restaurant. We enjoyed searching for our home-state’s license plate. The food was good and the beer was even better. I highly recommend the Bar Harbor Ale. It was rather dark, but very smooth. There was also coloring. Who can say no to coloring? We certainly can’t 

Although my guide book is a unforgivable liar, we still had a fun time. Just be warned travelers- New Englanders do not like winter.

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