Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finding Nemo

Well we may not have found Nemo, but Nemo certainly found us this weekend. This was our first blizzard, and the worst blizzard many Mainers claimed they had seen in decades. Bangor received about two feet of snow, and other areas received up to four feet. Every business closed down and the roads were impossible to drive. We only lost power for about an hour (most of Rhode Island lost power for three days) but were otherwise very cozy the rest of the day. We lit candles, ate warm food, completed our homework and watched the storm. I will admit it was kind of nice just having a day to relax. It was a day where we literally had no other obligation other than to stay safe and warm.

Here are some pictures of the amount of snow we had after the storm. Christopher had a little fun...

I hope all those who were in the center of the storm have sufficiently recovered! And to those in warmer climates…wear a pair of sandals for me, ok? I miss sandals. I seriously only had one pair of closed-toe shoes when I moved here. Now I have at least five. 

Until next time.

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