Friday, May 3, 2013


Slowly but surely flowers and plants are starting to bud. The trees are regaining their leaves. The weather is heating up and staying warm. Everything feels so hopeful this month.

I will officially be done in with class on Monday and Christopher will be finished a little later in the week. After that we have about a week and a half to prepare for our road trip and for me to do a little of my own personal research! We have a massive to-do list to accomplish before we hit the road.

We are visiting some familiar spots and a few new places too.

We will be visiting my favorite place on this planet, Plymouth, MA.  We will spend a few hours in Saratoga, NY where the famous Battle of Saratoga took place. Christopher and I will grab dinner in Chicago again. We will get to experience the light ceremony at Mount Rushmore and catch a glance of Yellowstone National Park. We will conclude our road trip with a day-tripping in Seattle, a day and half with Christopher’s aunt and uncle in Washington, and about four and a half days with Christopher’s grandparents and my very best friend Lizzy in Oregon. We will be home very late in the evening on June 3rd!

 Bring it on May!

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