Monday, January 19, 2015

The Portland Art Museum

The colder weather makes it difficult to visit new places. When there is a negative twenty-four degree windchill you do not really feel like venturing out too much. Christopher and I did brave the weather a few weeks ago and visiedt the Portland Art Museum. I mostly wanted to visit the museum because they had a British art exhibit with six hundred years worth of art.

Queen Elizabeth I.

One thing that I really enjoy about the Portland Art Museum is that there is a great variety of art. If you like modern art, head to the third and fourth floors. If you like art from the nineteenth century and before, stay on the first and second floors. I think this makes it a museum that a number of people can enjoy.

This was our favorite painting. The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius by Benjamin West. My sad little camera phone does not do it justice.

This was from the fourteenth century and by far the oldest work in the museum.

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