Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PAX East

 This year Christopher and I were invited to attend PAX East. PAX East is a penny arcade expo that occurs every year in Boston. It is a time for companies to show off their new games, expansions and hardware.

Do not get me wrong- I like video games. Growing up my Dad taught me how to play Diablo II and Star Wars Battlefront II. I still enjoy playing games and use them especially as stress relief, but I was rather nervous about PAX East. I tend to dabble in video games however, there were going to be some hardcore players fully dressed up and talking about games far beyond my comprehension.

I ended up having a pretty good time, despite this not being my scene. Christopher had an awesome time. We went to a presentation about Magic: The Gathering where he learned what to expect from his next draft night (Dragons. A lot of dragons). Christopher met a YouTuber he has watched and admired for years. We checked out some new hardware presented by companies such as Zotac. We had way too much fun playing a new game  called Primal Carnage: Extinction; a game featuring battles between people and dinosaurs. And...we people-watched. Oh did we people-watch.

Some thoughts on the Boston Convention Center and our hotel:
1. Parking is a nightmare. Go early and know where alternative lots are. Parking took us an hour an half.
2. The food was actually pretty good and reasonably priced. Also there was a bar- always a good sign.
3. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Woburn. This was actually one of the better places we have stayed at. The price was right ($75), it was incredibly clean and modern, and it was only about twenty minutes away from Boston. 

Overall this ended being a pretty fun weekend! Now it is back to the grind.

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