Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grand-Pré- A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Grand-Pré is a beautiful site in Nova Scotia that was merely a ten minute drive from my hotel. Grand-Pré was the home of a group of French immigrants known as the "Acadians". The Acadians witnessed several European colonial wars. They were deported during the French and Indian War in order to make way for the "New England Planters", a group of farmers who had been promised farmland by the English crown.

The area was made famous by the poem "Evangline" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The poem follows an Acadian girl Evangeline as she searches for her lost love during the expulsion.

Grand-Pré is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a museum at the entrance of the park which offers a brief history of the Acadians. Then area behind the museum contains several monuments in memory of the Acadians as well as relics of their way of life.

It was a moving experience and one I would highly recommend to anyone spending time in southwestern Nova Scotia.

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