Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Right now it is snowing. The weather has gone through such drastic changes this past week. On Monday it was actually in the low fifties. It apparently had not been that warm in January since 1995. Christopher and I went for a walk through Prentiss Woods in order to enjoy the unseasonal weather.

 Do not worry; Maine is not being too nice to us. Yesterday the weather was back in the twenties and we are supposed to see some negative temperatures tomorrow and this weekend.  There will also be a heck of a lot more snow.

I actually do not mind the snow. I am excited to go sledding down the hill again and perhaps get a chance to construct a proper snowman. The snow was beginning to look a little dirty outside. Now it will be white, pristine, and ready for outdoorsy activities once again. Watching snow fall is also rather enjoyable. The flakes have become larger and have started falling faster as I have been writing this post.

This week is also the start of a new semester for Christopher and me. I wore this lovely necklace to my first day of classes that Miss Lizzy sent me for Christmas. 

Other than this peculiar weather and the start of the new semester life has been very mellow. I joined Christopher at Staples when we returned from our vacation with our families. Business is rather slow but I enjoy working there. I should be learning how to run the copy center soon. I have also started my own personal research. I am currently reading a book about colonial primary education which I find to be really informative and fascinating. I think, my friends, that I have found my calling in that regard.

Christopher and I will be attending a classical concert this weekend, which of course I shall write about here.  I might also do a book review of The Kite Runner. I just finished the book a few days ago and it was- well you shall find out next time. Until then- Allonsy!

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  1. Oh wow, weather in the negatives does not sound like fun! But this snow looks just beautiful!
    xo TJ