Friday, March 22, 2013

The Fault in Our Stars Book Review

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I am usually pretty wary of teen fiction, especially anything a Twihard would recommend. I am however a huge fan of the VlogBrothers and have always admired John Green. I decided last week to give The Fault in Our Stars a try.

Hazel is a cancer survivor who prefers staying home and reading to going out with friends.  Her mother believes she is depressed and therefore sends her to a teen cancer support group. Hazel has a very low opinion about the support group until the incredibly handsome and witty Augustus Waters arrives.

The book could easily have strayed into the territory of A Walk to Remember and focused solely upon the developing relationship between these two star-crossed lovers. John Green however depicts a much greater tale. He probes the feelings of a teenager experiencing the painful recovery process, their fears of remission and their anxieties of what happens after their eminent deaths. He examines their often strenuous relationships with their tired parents, clueless relatives, and flighty friends.

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The Fault in Out Stars is nevertheless not a cancer book. Hazel and Augustus are challenged to infuse their lives with power and meaning. They are not merely victims- they have agency. They are given the choice to take up arms and become the epic heroes of their own tales.  John Green gives us a story not only of survival, but presents us with quest to live out the end of our days with passion and determination.

I read this book in an airport and received several glances as I laughed and cried out loud. It is a worthwhile novel and brings me hope for the future of teen fiction. Thank you, John Green.

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