Friday, July 12, 2013

Spring and Summer 2013 Movie Review

This type of post was pretty popular last time, so here is my Spring/Summer movie review. 
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The Great Gatsby: I honestly do not understand why so many critics disliked it. Christopher and I loved this movie, could not stop gushing about it and even re-read the book together on our last road trip. The casting was spot-on, the sets and costumes were fantastic and the movie very closely followed the plot and script of the book. One thing enjoyed in the movie was more explicitly witnessing a friendship develop between Nick and Gatsby. Some people complained that they did not like that Nick was speaking with a psychologist in the movie. I thought it was perfectly logical. If you had seen your best friend shot, would you not also seek psychiatric help? Do me a favor and rent or buy this movie. Even if you were never a Gatsby fan, you will at least love admiring all the 1920’s fashion.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness: This was an excellent, excellent movie. It was definitely more plot-driven than the first, but equally as wonderful. It was the perfect balance between action and emotion. Also Benedict Cumberbatch is just wonderful. I love him as Sherlock and I thought he was a fantastic *spoiler* Khan. Go to your local cheap theater right now and prepare to be entertained.

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Monsters University: This movie was tad predictable, but adorable nevertheless. Fans of the original Monsters Inc. will appreciate the humor and nods to the original movie. My little brother both enjoyed the movie. I would recommend it as the perfect summer kid’s movie. 

There you have it ladies and gents. I am unlikely to see any others except maybe Despicable Me 2 (what can I say, I love minions). Until next time!

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