Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Pennsylvania Memorial
Christopher and I had the amazing opportunity to visit Gettysburg. We opted for a self-guided tour with a CD for our car (about $20-$25) and drove around the historical park and town.

Gettysburg was an incredibly emotional experience. I can hardly write this post without tearing up. The American Civil War was the bloodiest war in United States history. Fathers fought sons, brothers battled one another, and friendships were torn apart by the crisis. The Battle of Gettysburg was the epitome of this horrible tragedy.

The Virginia Memorial
The weather on the day of our visit cannot be described in any other way but poetic. Our day began with heavy rainfall and fog. We could hear thunder and see mist rolling into the valley as we visited the first few memorials. When we reached Little Round Top, the turning point of the battle, the sun burst through the clouds and showered us with sunlight. It felt as if the sun was reminding us that Americans can never be daunted.

The Maine Memorial

Little Round Top

Devil's Den
Visit Gettysburg. Your heart will burst with terrible sadness, tragic beauty and immense pride in being American.

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