Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nasville and Britsol

I know I have said this in the last two to three posts, but life has truly been a whirlwind lately. That being said, it is time for me to get to the good stuff: Travel!

When my little brother, a Percy Jackson fan, heard I would be in Nashville, he absolutely begged me to visit the Parthenon. Part of the movie (specifically the scene where the security guards turn into a hydra) was filmed at this location.
"Persephone's Pearl" used in the movie
The Parthenon itself was pretty neat. Inside is you can find history about its construction, a replica of the actual Parthenon and a miniature art museum. The grounds around the Parthenon are lovely and are perfect for a picnic.

Later that day we found ourselves in Bristol, Tennessee. Both of our dads are huge racing fans, so we took a few pictures outside of the speedway.

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