Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lamoine State Park

I have been recovering from the flu, therefore we kept the adventures to a minimum this weekend. Saturday we spent the day lounging around our home and watching Singin' in the Rain. On Sunday we did manage to sneak a little trip to the beach by visiting Lamoine State Park.

A tidal pool has formed in a busted, open pipe.
 If Mount Desert Island is the outgoing popular girl at a party, Lamoine State Park is her quieter, lesser-known best friend. Lamoine State Park is about fifteen minutes away from Ellsworth and across the bay from Mount Desert Island. You can easily spot Cadillac Mountain and Blue Hill in the distance. It is a sweet little place to camp, picnic or read a good novel in the summer sun. This would not be the ideal place for the avid outdoorsman, however it is a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the salty breeze.

Also I was seriously entertained by this miniature of the East Lamoine Meeting House, now the Lamoine Historical Society. I guess fairies need to go to church too. It was apparently built by a local resident Neil Walker in the 1950's and was housed in the Eagles Lodge Motel in Ellsworth until last year.

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