Friday, August 8, 2014

Freckles Update!

 Hello everyone! As I write this, it has officially been two months since we adopted our beautiful dog Freckles from the Bangor Humane Society. I thought that I would give everyone an update on how she is doing.

Since the moment we brought her home, Freckles has been nothing but affectionate, loving and loyal. She is a complete love bug. Freckles loves to cuddle and is convinced that she is a lap dog (despite the fact that she is over 100 lbs). She enjoys climbing on the couch and nuzzling her head against your chest. Freckles does not lick people- she sniffs them. If you have been sniffed to death then you know that she loves you.

Freckles also wants to always be in whatever room we happen to be in. If I am in the kitchen, Freckles is in the kitchen (and hoping she can snack on whatever I am making). If I am doing research at my desk, Freckles is quietly cheering me on. If Christopher and I are in different rooms, Freckles will find somewhere in the middle so that she can lie by both of us. This puppy lives for companionship.

She loves going on adventures. Freckles is happiest when she is exploring a new forest or field. Freckles unfortunately is not too certain about water. Whenever we go to our friend's camp, she refuses to go more than knee deep. As a St. Bernard, we are not sure she knows what to do with "melted snow".

Freckles is very friendly once she knows she is in a safe place. If mommy and daddy around, she will befriend anyone. She is especially gentle with children and other dogs. The only problem is Freckles always thinks that other dogs are playing. She doesn't realize that the 6 lb. chihuahua is intimidated by her size! 

She absolutely loves snacks, especially the doggie treats from Gifford's Ice Cream. Whenever we go there, she gets SUPER excited. She knows what is in store for her!

We are so fortunate to have this wonderful dog. She makes our little family feel complete!

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  1. What a lovely story, thank you for sharing and being such kind people.