Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Best of Plymouth: Where to Shop

One does not generally associate Plymouth with shopping, however there are several adorable shops within the town that are definitely worth the visit.

Something For Your Dust
This store is a great mixture of new and vintage. There seems in particular to be an abundance of vintage typewriters and cameras. There was a portrait of a Saint Bernard that I was in love with!

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Main Street Marketplace and Main Street Antiques
These stores were incredibly similar both in name, pricing and merchandise. There was a great selection for antiques for a pretty fair price. There was on section in Main Street Marketplace dedicated to just vintage maps! I was also tempted to visit Dillon & Company, but this store looked a little out my price range.

Setting the Space
This store. THIS STORE. This store is an interior decorator's dream. There were so many goodies I wanted to snatch up, but alas my bank account rebelled against me. This store is definitely worth walking through even if you have a mutinous wallet like I do.

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