Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Riverview Cemetery

As I mentioned in this post, I have a thing for cemeteries. My whole family does. We love them partly because we enjoy history and partly because some of us (*ahem* younger sisters) believe they are haunted. We might be the only family that has ever camped in Yosemite Valley and visited the cemetery. Did you even know there was a cemetery there? Well you do now.

I love reading the epithets, checking out the grave designs, and imagining what the people were like who are buried there. New England cemeteries are particularly fascinating. They are incredibly old and therefore contain a variety of epithets and designs.

There is a tiny cemetery down the street from our new home. We enjoy taking walks down there. It is a lovely, peaceful place with a few little mysteries. Who is Lydia and why is her grave shaped like an elaborate cradle? Why are some of the oldest graves in a line in the back of the graveyard? Why do some of graves only have initials? What did the several Civil War veterans experience?

If you are curious this website will take you to a list of all the graves in the Hampden cemeteries.

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