Sunday, December 13, 2015

Best Restaurants in Bangor Part 1- Casual

Christopher and I do not have dinner dates, so when we do it is a really treat! This post will be divided into three, so here our favorite causal restaurants.


1. Thai-To-Go
This place has some of the freshest, best Thai food I have ever had. This is a to-go only restaurant and everything is made to order Just note that since everything is made to order, it usually takes about 45 minutes. Also, this place is cash only.

2. Jamaican Vybz Take-Out Restaurant
Two professional chefs from Jamaica decided to open a restaurant in Bangor. This place is the real deal.

3. Friar's Bakehouse
Friars from the St. Elizabeth Monastery in Bucksport make some of the most delicious bread and sandwiches in Bangor. Be sure to check their Facebook, because their hours are a little strange.

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4. Bagel Central
This place is a Bangor classic and one that no one should miss out on.

5. Angelo's Pizzeria
Angelo's has a location in Hampden and Bangor. The prices are a little higher than most pizza places, but the food is fresh and delicious.

6. Moe's Original BBQ
If you are craving some ribs or pulled pork, this is the place to go. They have restaurants across the country, but it is unique in Bangor.


1. Dysart's Diner and Truckstop
Dysart's is a Hermon/Bangor classic. Their portions are huge and their breakfast is divine.

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2. Coffee Break Cafe
This little cafe in Hampden also sells ice cream during the summer.

3. Broadway Coffee Shop and Dairy Freeze
If you love good ol' fashioned greasy diner food, this is the place to go. Cash only.

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