Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap

2015 was an exciting, challenging, trying, and rewarding year. I thought it would be nice to do a bit of a recap to say good-bye to a year that was chock full of change and major life events.


During this past winter we joined a new church which has become a huge part of our lives. Right before we left for PAX East we learned that Christopher received a wonderful promotion.Christopher also started his own business, Riverside Computer Services.

First Congregational Church of Brewer

April, May and June were incredibly trying but ultimately wonderful months. Our apartment in Brewer flooded and we lost many of our belongings. This trial however led us to search for a home of our own and we closed on a remodeled nineteenth-century home in Hampden in early June. To learn more about this experience read here, here, and here. I also celebrated my 25th birthday on June 5th. 


This past summer was full of academic tribulations and rewards. I attended a conference at St. Lawrence University for the second time in July, defended my thesis and received my Master's degree, visited Canada for the first time for a travel grant (I have a four part series on my travels there), and began my Ph.D. program. We did sneak in some fun and relaxation with an awesome 4th of July weekend, a Red Sox game, and our first time blueberry picking


On October 11th we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a trip up to Moosehead Lake. To boot, Christopher also started free-lancing for a tech site and I decided upon a dissertation topic and committee. We were also blessed this season to host guests on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

How will we ring in the new year? Our plans are a up in the air. We might join in the festivities in downtown Bangor, or we might stay warm and cozy in our lovely home. We wish you a very happy and safe new year! 

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