Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Day I Slew a Basilisk and Met a Wild Turkey

Today was the first sunny day in a week. As usual Christopher and I enjoyed what little sunshine peaks through this part of the world and took a brisk walk through Essex Woods.

Although our walk was short, it was certainly eventful. We were strolling through woods, admiring the trees when suddenly a GIANT basilisk slid straight from the Chamber of Secrets and began to attack!!! I unsheathed the sword of Gryffindor, shielded Christopher from its poisonous fangs and slayed the foul, despicable beast. The tears of Fawkes the Phoenix were required to heal my wounds, but Slytherin’s slimy pet was no more…Ok, ok, it was a six inch gardener snake and I ran away screaming. But still­- it was horrifying. 

Shortly afterwards we saw a pack of wild turkeys! Wild turkeys are significantly more intelligent than your regular Thanksgiving dinner-variety so we were only able to catch a glimpse of them. It was still quite a treat. I have never seen wild turkeys before and have only occasionally seen them alive. Man oh man, do I like a turkey sandwich though (no offense turkeys).

Snakes and turkeys aside, it has been an eventful week. Work has been as busy as ever and school is also picking up the pace. Christopher officially applied to medical schools and Dartmouth and Boston University have already requested additional information!

I have a field trip coming up soon as well as several talks and conferences. Be prepared for far more frequent posts and pictures about this crazy state.

Mischief managed (for now). 

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