Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My DIY Autumn

Decorating for autumn and Halloween is a tradition in my family. We naturally always decorate for Christmas and every other holiday, but there is something special about autumn decorating. Perhaps my mom’s scarecrows, pumpkins and candles are one of the reasons I have always believed this time of year to be truly magical.

Because I am unable to be with my family this season, I have needed to rely upon myself for autumn cheer.  Being on a grad student budget, any decorations I use would need to be cheap. This of course means most of my decorations would probably have to be homemade. Having a grad student schedule, any homemade decorations I make would need to be done so quickly and easily.

One of the projects I undertook last weekend were the following tea light holders. I collected several jars (this one used to contain salsa) and soaked them for several hours. Once dried I hot-glued ribbon I bought on sale at Joanne’s for a dollar, twine I had on hand, cheap buttons, and leaves leftover from a wreath I pictured in a previous post. Four jars took about half an hour.

I also made a centerpiece for our table. I used the same ribbon I featured on the jars and a basket I already had on hand. If you do not have any ready baskets, I would highly recommend picking one up at a local thrift store. Baskets are abundant there and usually cost no more than a few cents.

The flowers and Spanish moss were a steal at Joanne’s.  Autumn flowers and decorations are currently 50% off, so grab them while you can! I bought a slab of foam for $2 and haphazardly arranged the flowers and leaves. The arrangement of the flowers took about half an hour ( I was simultaneously baking cookies). I am rather pleased with the results.

I have also been scouring thrift stores and dollar stores for other cheap but nifty little pieces. Have you had any luck finding autumn decorations or making your own?


  1. Your project is adorable! I am DIY challenged, but this fall I have really got the bug to do some projects to spruce up my home. The thrift store is a great place to find items for DIY projects.

    1. I like to find different things at the thrift store too. I am currently working on a little project that I found for 25 cents at a thrift store :D