Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coffee with Dead Guys

 Although we have lived in Bangor for exactly a month, we have rarely visited downtown Bangor. Determined to get to know this other part of town, Christopher and I breakfasted there this morning.
Our first stop was at Giacomo’s. The restaurant is mostly known for its paninis and pizzas, however they also offer a small selection of breakfast sandwiched and coffees. Christopher had an “Almost Monte Cristo” with a vanilla latte while I had a “Basic Breakfast Sandwich” with a chocolate mocha. The sandwiches were excellent, Christopher’s latte in particular was very good and WHY THE HECK IS A DEAD PERSON STARING AT ME?!?
 In the 1930’s the Bangor police caught and killed an Indiana trio of criminals. Giacomo’s, being particularly sensitive to this aspect of Bangor history, memorializes the event with a rather gruesome painting. My disclaimer for this restaurant would be the following: if you have small, easily frightened children, you should probably order take-out and devour the delicious sandwiches at home.
Rated PG-13

After breakfast we browsed through The Briar Patch, a children’s bookstore. I was pretty impressed with the collection offered at the store. There was even a small section of adult books by Maine authors.

We then trudged through the rain and explored the various parks that dot the downtown area. Many of the buildings that were burned down in the early twentieth-century have been replaced with these small commons.  If you are interested in local history like me, you will be delighted by the number of war memorials, cannons, and statues dedicated to famous Maine figures such as Samuel de Champlain and Hannibal Hamlin.
What's up Champlain?
That is it for today! Homework has a hold on me.

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