Friday, September 28, 2012

Forests and Pubs

The weather has been perfectly crisp and autumnal the last two days. The weathermen have been threatening me with rain this coming weekend, so I dragged Christopher on a few adventures yesterday. After decorating our home with a few homemade autumn decorations and cooking a big Irish brunch, we hiked through Essex Woods.

Essex Woods is quite literally down the street from us. Little signs of autumn could be seen throughout the forest and bog. I cannot wait to hike through this forest during the other seasons too. I think this place will be equally beautiful in winter and spring as it is during my favorite season. 

Wild apples!

The beginnings of autumn foliage
By the bog
After class we checked out a little sliver of a pub in downtown Bangor call Paddy Murphy’s. I ordered a Smithwick’s and hamburger while Christopher had a beer similar to Guinness and a beef stew. If you ever visit this pub, only bring one other person with you. The pub is tiny and you seat yourself. Even the bar is pretty small and only seats about ten drunk, squished people. The food was good, but the beer was only so-so. I am no beer aficionado, but I do think there is an art to pouring a beer just right. Whatever that art is, our waitress had yet to master it. The music was great though! A live jazz quartet was playing through the night. Not the typical band you would expect to find in an Irish pub, but Christopher and I liked it. If you choose to patronize Paddy Murphy’s, here is my advice: only bring one other partner in crime and order something bottled.
Going to class...and then a date!
More adventures to come soon! Weather permitting; I have another one up my sleeve this weekend!

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  1. I love your photographs! :) Can't wait to see more adventures!