Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally in New England

Plymouth Rock

Day Eight of our journey was our last day of traveling.  After our first trip to Dunkin’ Doughnuts, we drove twenty minutes down the highway to visit Plymouth.

I loved, and I mean LOVED, Plymouth. It was partly a beach town, partly an illustration from a history book (aka the perfect place for me). We walked through the park and paid our dues to Plymouth Rock and a variety of memorials that honor significant Pilgrims and Native Americans. I have heard many complain that Plymouth Rock is rather small, however I had no such thoughts. If you are in the area I would recommend visiting this relic of American history. 

Christopher and I continued to wander through the town of Plymouth, passing by a haunted house and searching for the museum. Instead of finding the museum we instead discovered the breathtakingly gorgeous Winslow House. Although the Winslow House was built in the 1600’s, it has been expanded upon through the centuries, including a mass renovation in the 1920’s. What should have been an hour tour turned into a two hour one as our guide described the significance and history every room and item, the personalities of life stories of all who had passed through the house, and even a little history of the town and its other inhabitants. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and I loved that nothing was behind glass except and incredibly old Geneva Bible.  Unfortunately we were rather short on time after the tour, however I will do my absolute best to visit Plymouth again. It might be one of my favorite places in the entire nation. 

The "haunted" house
We zoomed through Boston and lunched in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, another city on the bay. I would also love to visit this city again. The architecture was fantastic and the city had a bit of a hipster vibe. I mean the classic type of hipster. Not the fake-glasses wearing, Mac-using Indie fans who are too mod for the “mainstream”.

Within a few hours we were in Bangor, Maine. I think I will save another blog for my impressions and opinions of Maine. For now I will say it is certainly different from Southern California. 
Now let the New England adventures begin!

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