Friday, September 7, 2012

On the Shores of Green Lake

If you do not live within twenty minutes of the Atlantic, you own a cabin or “camp” on a lake in Maine. That is the theme Christopher and I have detected. The friends we have been staying with until our house is ready own such a cabin and invited us to it twice. 

Green Lake is located nearly twenty miles south of Bangor and about 30 miles north of Bar Harbor. Although it is a popular summer destination, several people live there year around.  There is a little something for everyone who visits this lake. Hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, island-exploring, relaxing- if you like being outside, you are covered. If anyone from Maine invites you to their “camp” take them up on their offer! I promise you are in for a treat.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect time! Love all of these images :)
    xo TJ