Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn is a Creeper

Autumn is slowly but steadily creeping upon Maine. This will be my first true autumn. September through November is what most Californians refer to as “fire season” (literally not poetically). I have been waiting to see a New England autumn since I was about nine years of age. 

The leaves are beginning to ever so slightly change colors. The tree in my front yard is stubbornly green.  A few of the smaller, thinner trees have changing leaves on the end of their branches. I love the almost ombré effect that has been created.  Several of the trees are quite green in the middle and gradually become more yellow, orange and red as the branches extend outward. Even though autumn is not quite yet in full swing, this transitional period is quite beautiful.

I also made an autumn wreath. I am trying to not over-decorate our house, but it is hard to resist!

What other states are witnessing the beginnings of autumn?

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