Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This past week was a complete whirlwind! Christopher and I finally moved into our new house on Saturday and then stocked up the home on Sunday.  Although our house is already furnished there were groceries to buy, laundry to do and our few belongings to arrange. We are still on the job hunt and continue to submit what applications we have. Christopher has been busily preparing to apply to med schools while I have been sitting at the dining room table deep in my books and research.

Unfortunately the eventfulness of this past weekend and our current school schedules has prevented us from having too many adventures. We have had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the nearby shops. I have become in particular a fan of the Christmas Tree Shop, with its nearly endless aisles of autumn décor. I splurged ever so slightly and purchased a set of autumn cookie cutters for $2.00. It is hard to resist the décor section when the weather is cooling down! We even visited a few of the thrift stores. The Goodwill here in particular I think is better than many of the California shops. I found this little gem for ninety-nine cents.

I am a sucker for old books. This book is a collection of poems by John Milton, published in 1900

Once we have eased into our new schedule however there are several places I am eager to visit:
  1. Downtown Bangor by the waterfront.  I am especially eager to visit Booksellers Row. From the few descriptions I have had of it, I may never leave!
  2.  The hiking trails in Bangor and behind my university. The University of Maine has nearly twenty miles of hiking, biking and skiing trails!
  3. Bar Harbor again. What can I say, I love that area.
  4. Blue Hill. They have a music lending library that Christopher and I may go a little crazy in
  5. Deer Isle de Haut- many, many lighthouses!
  6.  Castine- this little town has a ton of history
  7. Northeast of Ellsworth. This area is supposedly very beautiful but filled with fewer tourists.
 There are so many places in Maine to visit; it is difficult to know where to start! Do you have any suggestions?

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