Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life Lately

Life is flying by at the speed of light, so I thought I would take time during the early morning hours and provide everyone with a few updates.

School: School is CRAZY right now. In fact I should be working on a research paper at the moment. I have a research paper and a presentation this coming Thursday and a preliminary presentation for a research paper due the following Wednesday. Essentially I have thirty pages to write, four books to read, and two presentations in one week. I am looking forward to winter break where I will only have to conduct my own personal research.

Christopher has now heard back from all but two of the med schools he applied to! The next step is to submit all the secondary applications and then wait to be interviewed. He applied all over the country, which means a lot of plane rides and day tripping. This is quite exciting though- he made the first cut!

Work: Oh work. There might be a few changes coming soon. I will update everyone when that is official

Birthdays: Today is my little sister’s eighteenth birthday. Happy birthday Kit Kat! Wednesday was Christopher’s 24th birthday. I made him a special French toast breakfast in the morning and we had a mini party. After class and school we went to a bar/restaurant in downtown Bangor call Nocturnem. It was a very low key day.

Food, projects, traveling and more: I have one more project that is still leftover from Thanksgiving break to show you. There is also a little cookie recipe that I would love to share (especially since Christopher practically inhaled all of them). I will also probably give a review of Nocturnem as well as show you our few Christmas decorations.

As you can see the last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy. Christopher and I will be coming home December 24th and will stay until New Year’s Eve! Definitely text, call or message me if you would like to get coffee or dinner. I would love to see everyone over break!

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