Monday, December 3, 2012

The Verve

Christopher and I ate at The Verve on Friday, a restaurant about five minutes away from my school. The place serves burritos, coffee and smoothies and has a decent bit of seating for college students to study and hang-out.

While I appreciated the vibe of the restaurant the food itself was rather mediocre. The burritos were wrapped in wheat wraps instead of real tortillas- I guess a way of trying to make what could potentially be very unhealthy food, healthy. The burrito fillings were a rather odd texture and kind of flavorless. Not the least bit spicy! Fans of Jamba Juice or Juice It Up! will also be disappointed to hear that their smoothies were not my favorite.  The smoothies were almost chalky and very thin. You could not really taste any of the ingredients. Too boot, the place was pricey! Two burritos and two smoothies should not cost twenty-six bucks. I have to say as a Californian looking forward to a decent burrito and smoothie, I was disappointed. As a grad student on a small budget, I was disappointed. If you are near the University of Maine and are hungry, you should probably choose elsewhere.

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