Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Break Project Number Two: A Home for My Engagement Ring

I absolutely love my engagement ring. It is from the 1920’s and has been in my fiancé’s family for generations. As much as I would love to wear it all the time, there are moments of course when it is just not practical to wear it. (i.e. washing dishes, cleaning with bleach, etc.) I usually put my engagement ring in the jewelry box my fiancé gave to me our first Christmas together. The jewelry box is lovely, however I also put other jewelry in there that is precious to me. I wanted to put my engagement ring somewhere unique and special. One day on Pinterest, inspiration hit. The original idea is from this website

Her version

It was the perfect solution! It was a way to keep my ring safe and show it off! I decided to use the project as inspiration and put my own twist on it. I decided to utilize the template of our house: black, brown, yellow and cream. I first spray-painted a picture frame I found at a thrift store for fifty cents. I then used super glue to attach cork board to the glass. Afterwards I covered the cork board with fabric I found at Joanne’s for about two dollars. After waiting for the project to dry after several hours, I attached a matching push pin. 

My version

Voila! The perfect solution!

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