Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Day We Failed to Go to Ellsworth and Just Went to Bar Harbor Instead

Christopher loves seafood. I do not. When he heard the Autumn Gold Festival in Ellsworth had a chowder tasting contest, he was on board. Freckles and I followed along for moral support.

We were quite disappointed when we arrived in Ellsworth. The chowder tasting contest was packed beyond belief. The boat rides on the river turned out to be people just offering rides in their personal, tiny boats. The rest of the venues were kind of lame or very Ellsworth-oriented. No one seemed to be welcoming dogs. We were not impressed.

Once we realized that the Autumn Gold Festival was not for us, we hopped into our car and headed to Bar Harbor instead. We had an awesome lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant and then took a walk on the path by the old hotel. We ended up having an awesome afternoon, enjoying the last few days of summer weather.

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