Friday, October 31, 2014

Exploring Cape Cod

 Christopher and I had no plans during our honeymoon. We wanted to take it easy and go where the wind blew us. On the Tuesday of our honeymoon we decided to meander through Cape Cod.

Our first stop was in Sandwich. We walked around the town for a but and visited the Thornton Burgess Society. Thornton Burgess was the author of Peter Cottontail and a passionate naturalist. We enjoyed exploring the grounds and briefly hiking in the woods.

We found our dream home for sale!

A church turned inn/restaurant we are dying to try.

After a quick lunch at The Bee Hive Tavern we explored a beach in Brewster. It was incredibly gorgeous and relaxing.

We also visited First Encounter Beach. I am descended from the Pilgrims (Tilley's and Howland's), so it was quite humbling to visit a beach that was the beginning of so much creation and so much destruction. This was an emotional experience.

 We ended our day on the other side of Cape Cod at the Coast Guard Beach. This was another simply beautiful location.

I would highly recommend taking a tour of Cape Cod. It is a lovely place to meander through.

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