Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Glamor, Ghosts, and Getaways: Coronado Island

I decided to whet your appetite this week with a few posts about my favorite places in Southern California.

The one place I adore in Southern California more than anywhere else is Coronado Island. This is my go-to beach, my getaway from the inland heat and the place where my wonderful fiancé Christopher proposed to me.

Coronado is unique in several respects. In order to get to the island you must drive across an incredibly tall and narrow bridge which is littered with suicide hotline posters. If the posters don’t deter you, you arrive on an island that is a mixture of turn-of-the-century glamor, WWII-era diners, modern restaurants and boutiques, and a beach-town living.

One of the must-sees is of course the gorgeous Hotel Del Coronado. The lobby, restaurants and shops scream of turn-of-the-century elegance. The hotel is supposedly haunted so keep an eye out for anyone looking rather transparent. You may even get a chance to ride the old-fashioned elevator if the lobby man is friendly (or if you pretend that you have a room upstairs). 

The beaches are fantastic. There is plenty of room to spread out, unlike so many other Southern Californian beaches. The water is a little cold, but always refreshing. My little brother and sister love climbing the rocks to search for hermit crabs, sea cucumbers and sand dollars.

If you decide to explore the island, I can offer many recommendations. There is a Coronado museum on Orange Street that offers a glimpse into the history of the island while the famous hotel was being built and during World War II. If you are looking for casual food Clayton’s Coffee is a fun 1950’s throw-back. Be prepared for delicious malts and spending a lot of quarters on their jukebox. If you prefer fine-dining away from the hotel, I would recommend Ristorante Primavera. This is the restaurant where Christopher proposed to me. It also happens to serve fantastic Italian food and wine (Nice work Christopher!)

Please forgive the length of this post! I know blogs are typically shorter, but I am quite passionate about Coronado Island. What places would you recommend visiting on the island?

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