Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Windy City and Rust Belt

Just gorgeous

 I apologize for being MIA these past few days. Our Internet while traveling was sporadic and unreliable making it rather difficult to post blogs (or more essential things like checking my school email.
On the fifth day of our trip Christopher and I breakfasted in Chicago! This was one of the places I was most eager to visit. We ate breakfast at The Yolk, a restaurant right off of Michigan Street. The food was delicious, especially the eggs and potatoes. The restaurant is about a block away from Lake Michigan and is across the street from a fantastic park with an amazing fountain and several modern sculptures. It is also only a few blocks away from iconic buildings such as the Sears Tower.  If you are ever in Chicago and need to break your fast, I would absolutely recommend visiting.  

I loved Chicago even though I saw very little of it. My favorite part of the city besides our amazing breakfast was the mixture of architecture throughout the city. Skyscrapers from the Gilded Age stood next to towers of modern finance.  Apartments from the Roaring 20’s bordered edifices reminiscent of the 1970’s. I loved that the city was a mishmash of multiple decades and cultures. My little taste of Chicago made me hungry to see and experience more in the future (hey, those eggs and potatoes were good, ok?)
After breakfast we drove through Indiana where we visited  the University of Notre Dame. Unfortunately the semester had not quite started yet so Christopher and I were unable to tour any of the buildings. I will say that the university is quite beautiful and the football stadium is gigantic. The whole town of Notre Dame is dedicated to supporting the school. Even the local fast food restaurants have walls dedicated to celebrating current and past Notre Dame athletes.
Notre Dame football field
Christopher and I soon entered the state of Ohio. We were pleasantly surprised by the state. While the western section consists mostly of very flat farmland, closer to Cleveland the land is covered in a beautiful forest. I am sure that part of the state will be lovely once the autumn kicks in.

And so ends Day Five. Tune in next time when we explore Pennsylvania (with particular attention to Pittsburgh!)

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